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Thank you for making my Dad's 65th Birthday a Blast. He was so surprised and excited. He is still smiling from ear to ear.

Thank you again.     Kia F


Hello Larry. Can't even begin to tell you how much fun it is to rent these fantastic thoroughbreds from your stable of exotic masterpieces. I am hooked on your cars and your selection! From mild to wild to luxury, you have it all. I come to you every year to refresh the soul and treat myself to what I have found to be one of life's greatest pleasures. I have rented the Viper (twice), The Prowler, The Smart Car, The Maserati, and now The Corvette. You really have created an outlet for the fantasy to reality that lies within all of us. I truly believe that if anyone is interested is treating themselves to one of life's great pleasures then you need not look any further than Exotic Car Rentals! You take the time to go over every car and it's individual characteristics so that you can fully enjoy each and every bell and whistle that each has to offer. Your courtesy is only outdone by your professionalism. Thanks you for the past, the present and the future!

Larry V.

Larry,  I just wanted to thank you again for such a great rental experience.  The paperwork was effortless, timing and weather was fantastic and the car was incredible.  I have a few people who attended my wedding and loved the idea, I will be certain to pass your name along in the future.   Rob B


Hi Larry,  I just wanted to thank you for making it so easy for me to surprise Dan for his 40th Birthday with the Porsche 911 Convertible.  When you pulled up to our home, he had no idea what to expect, and when the car rolled out of the trailer,  he was totally shocked and excited.  He - actually we - had such a great time and we'll definitely be back to rent again!  I also wanted to thank you for your exceptional customer service - such an easy process and everything delivered as promised! 

Thanks again for everything!  See you next summer!       Lauren (and Dan)

Hi, Larry:

This was our second car rental from you - this time the Mercedes SmartCar as an anniversary gift for my husband Joe. It was the most fun we've had in a while - best of all, this kind of gift we both got to enjoy together.
Can't even begin to tell you how many people rubbernecked, stared, and frankly stopped us to ask about it. I even gave out your business card a few times - I'm sure our referrals will bring you some new clients!
So far, our 2 rentals (Porsche and SmartCar) have both been GREAT, and I'm sure we'll be back again for something else. What a neat idea for the person who doesn't really need anything - this they won't soon forget. And when you take enough pictures like we did, the memories last forever.  LP


Hey Larry, it's John from JohnnyDents. I wanted to say thanks again for the great time I had driving the viper a couple of months ago. It was truly a blast. I know I'll RENT another one from you this coming year. Even though I drive different cars all day long nothing and I mean nothing even comes close to the viper!
Thanks again, John

Hi Larry - Just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you again what a great time Steve and I had this past Sunday. The 07 Vette was beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was an experience we won't soon forget and look forward to doing it again. Thanks for everything!                Laurie K

Larry -  Since it was my husband's 30th B-day, I really wanted to do something special, something he would never do for himself.  Renting the Porsche Boxster S was the perfect gift.  He was so shocked when you pulled up.  It was an incredible weekend and a birthday he will never forget! Thank you so much, Sincerely, Christine L.

Hey Larry, Thanks for all your help in making my exotic car renting experience a true thrill. The Viper convertible was a BEAST!!!  I loved the roar of the engine and the way heads turn and cars trying to keep up feeling you get driving this car.   I will definitely rent the Lamborghini Gallardo from you next year. -- Johnny L.

Hi Larry, Wow!  What a weekend!  James felt (and acted) 20 years younger behind the wheel of the Corvette!  What a terrific birthday present renting that car turned out to be.  We are looking forward to renting the Viper next, and then the Lamborghini!  You had a great idea for a company because people like us can rent an exotic car for a day or weekend, and not have the maintenance or upkeep which comes with owning such a car. -- Terri T.

Hi Larry, We just wanted to thank you and your wife again for making our rental experience so great. Even with the never ending rain, we had an incredible time. Your attention to details and customer satisfaction is unsurpassed, and makes us want to come back real soon for another rental. We'll be sure to spread the word about your company and we wish you continued success.  Hope to see you and your wife again soon (on a sunny day!) -- John & Gloria

Renting from ECR of NJ has been a very pleasant experience.  The service is great, and the cars are in immaculate shape.  Getting acquainted with the car before the rental, makes the rental much more enjoyable and relaxing.  I will definitely rent again from ECR, especially getting the multi-rental discount.   - Matt R.

Well Larry, now you've done it!  My husband has still not come down from that high/spell your Corvette hooked him on. I rarely saw him at all yesterday.  He got a sunburn cause the top was down all day.  He was exhausted by the time he finally came in the for night at 9p.m.  Then he was up at 5 am this morning so he could go to the gym before he returned the car.  He reminded me of a little kid on Christmas Morning!

My husband has a reputation for being a very laid back person.  Doesn't get overly excited about much.  After 20 years I finally got the WOW factor out of him (beside the birth of his children of course).

Thank you for being so patient with me during this process!  Thank you for making this all possible!  I wish you best of luck in your new business!  We will save our pennies so we'll see you again hopefully! - Thanks Deb

Hello, Just wanted to send you that great picture of the corvette. Thank you very much for the rental, I had a great time and will be recommending you to all my friends and family. - Sincerely, Steve

Hi Larry, I just wanted to thank you again for the great time you have given my wife and I with your rental and the outstanding customer service that you gave to me.  Our 5th year anniversary is going to be one to remember.  I will definitely and already have recommended you to lots of people and I'm sure they will be calling you soon.  I have sent pictures to you to let you know how much of a good time we had.  God Bless and hope to see you very soon.  -- Phil and Sarah and our 10 month old - Jeremy

Larry - I had a corvette which was rented for me from my wife as a gift for my 30th b-day had a great time loved the car, she had to pry the keys from my hand the day we brought it back.  Thanks again ,the whole experience was great. - Stephen

Exotic Car Rentals of NJ is the best exotic car rental on the planet! I contacted Larry about renting something for my birthday at the end of March. I was a little nervous about renting so early in the spring, but this was for my 35th birthday! I chose the Chevy Corvette C6 convertible. He was very thorough and was very accommodating when scheduling a time for me to pick up and drop off the car.

The morning of the pick up, I was really excited. I've always wanted to drive a Corvette and the weather forecast was for 70 degrees and sunny. When Larry opened the door and showed me the car, my mouth dropped open. This thing looked sweet. It was even sweeter after he gave me the top to bottom tour and put the top down. He even took the time to adjust my seat and get me situated with every aspect of the car. When I pulled out, I felt like all I needed to do was drive... and drive I did.

This car was in such good shape, and rode so well, that I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. If you're looking for a fun weekend, and you want the experience of a lifetime, rent the C6 from Larry at Exotic Car Rentals of NJ. I certainly did and will definitely do again! - Michael F

Hi Larry.  Just wanted to thank you for all you did to make my Dad's birthday a day he'll never forget!  In fact, I think he's still on cloud 9! - Liz C



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